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Chapter 1.1 History of Human Anatomy
For several centuries the main ce...,
Who developed a medical practice ...,
This is called the father of medi...
27  cards
Chapter 1.2 Definition of Anatomy
Anatomy is,
The word anatomy is derived from ...,
Anatomists which are scientists w...
28  cards
Chapter 1.3 Structural Organization of the body
What are the levels of organizati...,
The simplest level of organizatio...,
Atoms are
57  cards
Chapter 1.4 Precise Language of Anatomy
Descriptions of any region or bod...,
In the anatomic position,
By visualizing the body in anatom...
149  cards
Chapter 1 review
Study of tissues,
Toward the tail,
Contains the spinal cord
27  cards
Chapter 3.1 Overview of Embryology
Embryology deals with the develop...,
The prenatal period is the first,
The prenatal period is broken dow...
14  cards
Chapter 3.2 Gametogenesis
Gametogenesis is necessary for wh...,
Hereditary information is carried on,
Human somatic cells contain how m...
82  cards
Chapter 3.3 Pre-embryonic period
0  cards
Chapter 3.4 Embryonic Period
What does the embryonic period be...,
Subsequent interactions and rearr...,
What has been established by the ...
83  cards
Chapter 3 Review
Fetal portion of placenta,
Formation of three primary germ l...,
Gives rise to most of urinary system
21  cards
Chapter 2.1 The study of cells
The structural and functional uni...,
An adult human body contains abou...,
Most cells are composed of charac...
33  cards
Lab objectives for Oral 1
What is anatomical position and w...,
Anterior ventral means,
Medial means
74  cards
Lab notes
Epithelial tissue,
Epithelial simple squamous,
Epithelial stratified squamous
23  cards
Lecture 2 notes
With a light microscope you can m...,
Types of movement through the pla...,
For passive movement
55  cards
Lecture 3 notes
Functions of the skeleton,
How is bone dynamic,
Living cells must have
3  cards
Exam 1
Science is,
Scientific hypothesis is,
Scientific theory is
125  cards
Lap Oral #2
The nucleus,
The nucleolus,
The mitochondrion
128  cards
Lecture 3 notes
The glands of the skin are,
The merocrine eccrine gland,
The holocrine gland
22  cards
Lecture 4 notes
Intramembranous ossification is,
Endochondral ossification is
2  cards
Lab Oral #3
Bone is a type of,
Bone is arranged at the microscop...,
Osteon is
48  cards
Exam 1 Part two
What is meant by passive transpor...,
What are the passive processes,
Simple diffusion is
109  cards
Exam 1 Part Three
The flat bone of skull is formed by,
Contains concentric lamallae,
Spongy bone is formed by
134  cards
Exam 1 Part four
Joint between sternum and clavicle,
Joint between tooth and jaw,
25  cards
Muscle lecture notes
What does muscle mean,
Functions of muscle,
Muscles can only
67  cards
Lab oral #4
Name the 12 skull muscles,
Name the two neck muscles,
Name the 4 thorax muscles
74  cards
Exam 2 Part one
Muscle fiber,
Fascicles are,
102  cards
Lecture notes muscle 2 nervous
What are muscle proteins,
Troponin holds,
A bands are
37  cards
Lecture notes Nervous system
What is the order of muscle condu...,
What are the next events after th...,
What is the structural and functi...
73  cards
Lab oral #5
What are the anatomical types of ...,
Unipolar pseudounipolar is,
Bipolar is
92  cards
Exam 2 Part two
Prime movers are,
Antagonists are,
Synergists are
107  cards
Exam 2 Part three
Type of muscle fiber that fatigue...,
Muscle fiber plasma membrane,
Muscle whose function opposes ago...
111  cards
Exam 2 Part four
Resting potential is,
The difference in charge between ...,
For the nerve impulse what does t...
103  cards
Exam 2 extra questions
These neurons act as the decision...,
A sensory neuron of the periphera...,
True or false nerve impulses go f...
48  cards
Exam 3 Part one
Receptors are,
Receptive field is,
Describe what is means if the rec...
114  cards
Lab oral 6
Endocrine glands produce,
Pituitary gland has been called the,
The pituitary gland has two lobes
19  cards
Exam 3 Part two
The external ear is composed of,
The middle ear is composed of,
The inner ear is composed of
115  cards
Exam 3 Part three
What are the effects of oxytocin ...,
What are the effects of antidiure...,
What are the effects of glucagon
115  cards
Exam 3 part four
Buffy coat in blood is,
Antibodies are,
What influence would high altitud...
112  cards
Exam 3 part 5
The visceral pleura covers the,
An area common to both the respir...,
Which statement is false about th...
13  cards
Lecture notes Senses & endocrine
Briefly describe endocrine system,
Gonadotropin does what,
Hormone production results in inc...
25  cards
Lecture Notes Circulatory
Which gland produces calcitonin,
Which is responsible for circadia...,
The total area that a single grou...
51  cards
Lecture Notes Respiratory
Pharynx throat has 3 regions,
Conducting passageways from respi...,
10  cards
Lab Oral 8
Bronchial tree begins at,
Respiratory tree and its branches,
What mechanism prevents the colla...
4  cards
Final exam part one
Functions of the digestive system,
100  cards
Final exam part two
Connected to canaliculi by fine b...,
The bile duct is,
Collect bile from ducts of the li...
101  cards
Final exam part three
Adipose capsule is,
Homologous structures are,
Derived from common developmental...
101  cards
Lecture digestive system
Provides most of the atp,
What two bones make up the hard p...,
Soft palate
59  cards
Lecture Urinary System
Wavelike movement of food is called,
What structures in the oral cavit...,
Chewing is also know as
66  cards
Lecture Reproductive System
What hormone is produced by the k...,
What does retroperitoneal mean,
What is the layer of fat that cus...
97  cards
Final exam part four
Labia minora are,
Function of spiral mitochondria i...,
Hymen of the female is
68  cards

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