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Origins of Psychology
Who is thought to have started ps...,
Who idolised the psychodynamic ap...,
John watson is known for conjurin...
6  cards
Approaches in Psychology
The behaviourist approach emphasi...,
Which approach incorporates the i...,
Social learning approach is the i...
6  cards
Types of Conformity
What is normative social influence,
What is informational social infl...,
What is complicance
8  cards
Asch's Line Variation Study
When did aschs line variation stu...,
What was the aim of aschs study,
State aschs sample
17  cards
Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Study
How many people took part in the ...,
How long was the study meant to g...,
Were participants payed if so how...
10  cards
Milgram's Obedience Study*
Milgram's Obedience Study
17  cards
Adorno et al/Agentic State*
What did adorno et al want to study,
What did adorno et al believe,
Which study methods did adorno use
13  cards
Loci of Control and Social Support*
Who proposed the idea of loci of ...,
What are the characteristics of s...,
Someone with an external locus of...
12  cards
Moscovici and Minority Influence*
What are the three factors that e...,
Who proposed that a consistent mi...,
What does a committed minority do
19  cards
Memory - Basic Principles*
Which psychological approach is m...,
What is meant by coding,
What is meant by capacity
11  cards
Multi Store Model of Memory*
What are the three strores in the...,
Who came up with the 3 single uni...,
What is the capacity and duration...
6  cards
Types of Long Term Memory
List the three types of ltm,
Define procedural memories,
Define episodic memories
4  cards
Working Memory Model*
Outline the components of the wmm,
Outline the capabilities of the wmm,
Name the two sub systems of the p...
14  cards
Define interferance,
What is proactive interferance,
What is retroactive interferance
12  cards
Eyewitness Testimony
What is an eyewitness,
Who researched the effect of lead...,
Briefly outline loftus and palmer...
21  cards
The Cognitive Interview*
List the 4 stages of the cognitiv...,
What did the enhanced cognitive i...,
Who proposed the enhanced cogniti...
5  cards
Definitions of Abnormality*
Define statistical infrequency,
Give a limitation of statistical ...,
Define deviation from social norms
10  cards
Give some examples of behavioural...,
What are cognative characteristic...,
Who is credited with the two proc...
18  cards
Give examples of cognative charac...,
Give examples of behavioural char...,
Give examples of emotional charct...
17  cards
What are compultions,
Give examples of compultions,
Give a cognative behavioural and ...
18  cards
Attachment - Key Terms
Define attachment,
What is reciprocity,
What is interactional synchrony
7  cards
Stages of Attatchment
What is the asocial stage,
What is the indiscriminate stage,
What is the discriminate stage
14  cards
Role of the Father
What percentage of infants formed...,
What did grossman propose about t...,
What role did bowlby propose fath...
4  cards
Attachment - Animal Studies*
What was the aim of lorenz s study,
Describe the procedure of lorenz ...,
Define imprinting
16  cards
The Monotropic and Learning Theories of Attachment*
List the 5 principles of bowlby s...,
How long is the critical period,
When does the sensitive period end
14  cards
Types of Attachment and the 'Strange Situation'*
List the three attatchment types,
Define a secure attatchment,
Outline an insecure avoidant atta...
10  cards
Cultural Variations in Attachment*
What type of study did van ijzend...,
How many studies did van ijzendoo...,
How many participants did they st...
13  cards
Maternal Deprivation and Institutionalisation*
Define affectionless psychopathy,
What is the sample of bowlby s 44...,
What percentage of the affectionl...
19  cards
Influence of Early Attachment on Relationships*
What is the internal working mode...,
Why is forming a first attachment...,
What did myron wilson and smith s...
15  cards

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