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Exam 1, lecture slides Unrein
What lead do you look for atrial ...,
What leads can also suggest r atr...,
What are signs of left ventricula...
40  cards
Exam 1, kaplan USMLE topics
How do you calculate co,
How do you calculate map with jus...,
What is formula for map
31  cards
Exam 1- montemayor
What 3 factors affect myocardial ...,
Wall stress is directly proportio...,
What is formula for mvo2
24  cards
Exam2, Blood vessels gomez
Give examples of elastic arteries,
Give examples of muscular aa,
What are the vasa vasorum aa
99  cards
Exam2, biochem, choudhury
Patient has muscle weakness with ...,
What breaks down tgl and what are...,
What stimulates hormone sensitive...
66  cards
Exam 2, CV testing, darrow
Substernal chest pain is indicati...,
When troponin i is highly elevate...,
Which ldh is indicative of heart ...
50  cards
Exam 2, heart gomez
What causes foramen ovale to be a...,
What is unique about cardiac musc...
204  cards
Exam 2 heart part II gomez
What can infective endocardtitis ...,
What organisms are most common to...,
What valve is affected in iv drug...
92  cards
Exam 2, Blood vessels part 2, gomez
What is giant cell arteritis asso...,
What is the most common vasculiti...,
What can giant cell arteritis cau...
33  cards
Exam 2, Anticoagulant drug CIS, martin
What is pt,
What is inr for warfarin therapy,
What is aptt
21  cards
Exam 2 anticoagulants martin DSA and Lect
What are names of anticoagulant d...,
What are the direct thrombin inhi...,
What are the antiplatelet drugs
82  cards
Exam 2 antihyperlipidemics- Kinder
What are statins,
What are the fibrate drugs,
What are the bile acid sequesterants
73  cards
Exam3 Antianginals- Martin
What nitrates do we use to tx angina,
What ccbs do we use to tx angina,
What beta blockers do we use to t...
49  cards
Exam 3, Adrenergic Agonist Antagonist MArtin
What are the alpha r antagonists,
What are the alpha r agonists,
What are the alpha 2 agonists
69  cards
Exam 3, intro IHD, MI, angina
What are the risk factors for hea...,
What is considered a low risk for...,
What is a high risk for mi
53  cards
Exam3, BV and lymph
What are tx options for an aorto ...,
How do cilostazol and phentoxifyl...,
How is asa an anti platelet drug
63  cards
Exam 3 Linger CIS pharm
What are the cardio drugs without...,
Which class of diuretics are the ...,
What are the loop diuretics
30  cards
Exam 3, Shock
What is body position for shock,
What is general definition of shock,
Tissue perfusion depends on what
47  cards
Exam 3, CIS Pales, Heart Failure
63 female with sob mid sternal ch...,
Why is pmi displaced,
63 female with sob mid sternal ch...
31  cards
Exam 3, valvular heart disease
1 6 blowing murmur and lower l st...,
What is the normal values for mea...,
What medications do you give for ...
58  cards
Exam 3, Congenital Heart Disease- Blonder
What is patent foramen ovale,
How do you confirm patent foramen...,
What type of shunting occurs in p...
44  cards
Exam 3, adrenergic drugs DSA
What are the alpha adrenergic ago...,
What are the beta adrenergic agon...,
What r dose dopamine work on
47  cards
Exam 3, drugs used in HF DSA
What are the drugs with positive ...,
What cardiac drugs do not have a ...,
What are the loop diuretics
56  cards
Neonatal case conference, brandau
Newborn infant not thriving what ...,
What hour of membrane rupture rai...,
What is definition for neonatal s...
43  cards
Exam 3, review antiHTN Linger
What type of drug is amiloride,
What type of drug is furosemide,
What type of diuretic is mannitol
13  cards
Exam 3, Darrow, chest pain and fever
Tick bite in new england 2 mo ago...,
Firemans cap is concave or convex,
What position makes pericarditis ...
52  cards
Exam 3, arrhythmias and heart block blonder
What is an av block,
What are major causes of av blocks,
Majority of av blocks are due to ...
31  cards
Anti arrhythmics, Kinder DSA and LEC
What are the class ia na channel ...,
What are the class ib na channel ...,
What are the class ic na channel ...
80  cards
Exam 3, HF, myocarditis, Pales
Definition of chd,
What are the systolic components ...,
What are the diastolic components...
62  cards
Exam3, CV cases with EKG strips
How do you tx pericarditis,
Pleuritic chest pain means what,
17 y o male presents for a sports...
20  cards
Exam 3, Dr Dow, Peds
What are the torch group,
What are buzzwords for infant wit...,
What is holt oram
27  cards

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