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Minor salivary glands - how many?

above oral fissure - greater petrosal nerve of [VII]
below oral fissure - chorda tympani of [VII]


Major salivary glands - name them and what they secrete

parotid - serous
submandibular - mixed
sublingual - mucus


Parotid gland - relations in 3 directions

posteriorly - upper 1/4 of SCM (mastoid process, zygomatic bone, cartilage of EECanal
anteriorly - overlies posteroir 1/4 of masseter
superiorly - zygomatic arch


What 5 structures are within the parotid gland

facial nerve (artificially divides into superficial 80% and deep 20%)
external carotid artery, retromandibular vein, lymph nodes,
Parotid duct - STENSONS duct - through buccinator - enters mouth at level of upper second molar


Describe the innervation pathway of the parotid gland


inferior salivatory nucleus > CN IX glossopharyngeal > otic ganglion > parotid

sympth fibres from superior cervical ganglion


Submandibular gland - relations - wraps around what? fills what? closely related to?

wraps around mylohyoid muscle - superficial lobe fills submandibular triangle - closely related to facial artery, lingual and hypoglossal nerves, submandibular branch of facial nerve


Submandibular gland - what is within gland + what is its path

WHARTONS duct - from middle of deep surface to emerge at papilla to side of lingual frenulum


Submandibular gland - innervation pathways

sympathetic fibres from sup cervical ganglion
parasympathetic ...

superior salivatory nucleus > chorda tympani > lingual nerve (V3 branch) > submandibular ganglion > lingual nerve/free fibres > glands


Sublingual gland - where? nerve supply? small duct drainage?

floor of oral cavity, distal to deep lobe of SML gland

same nerve supply as SML gland

many small ducts drain to floor of mouth and Whartons duct


What in salivary glands are thought to be the origin of salivary gland neoplasms

reserve cells


how much saliva is produced in 24h


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