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Who came up with the four cardinal virtues?

Aquinas listed them, with help from Plato


What are the four cardinal virtues?

Prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude.


What are the three theological virtues?

Faith, hope and charity


Where are the three theological virtues found?

In NT in the Letters of Paul


Who was prudence central to and why?

Aristotle and Aquinas, because we should be practical and realistic in our goals, they should be achievable


What are the seven heavenly virtues?

Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility


What did Aristotle/the Church believe about virtues and vices?

They have a knock on effect eg. Carrying out justice might require courage eg. Soldier, police.


How is VE incompatible with Buddhism?

Buddhists believe in anattà (no self) so what's the point in developing character?
Friendship is important but Buddhists encourage no attachment.
However Buddhism encourages the Middle Way, similar to the golden mean - moderation.


How can Jesus fit with VE?

He is a role model, the Bible says you should try and emulate him. It is good practice to build on his virtues.


What 'virtues' (fruits of the spirit) does Galations 5:22-23 list?

Love, joy, peace, kindness, self control.


How does Paul link to VE in Romans 7:14-25

He is thinking about and reflecting how he can be better and flourish, needs God to do it for him.


How to VE and Christianity clash?

Only God's forgiveness through Jesus is needed to be seen as 'good' and 'perfect', you don't need to continuously improve yourself as you can never be good enough.


What is the problem with VE having no rules?

It could justify things against Christian ethics as C is deontological, laws should be kept because they're God's word, whereas VE allows you to do whatever you want as long as it improves yourself. They could be compatible if you follow God's laws but this might not help you flourish.


Why do Jesus and Aristotle's virtues come into conflict?

Jesus said to 'turn the other cheek' to enemies whereas one of Aristotle's virtues is just resentment.


How does the book of Proverbs link with VE?

It has lots of advice on how to live a good life, how to be 'virtuous'


How does the biblical view of human nature conflict with VE?

The Bible has a much more negative view of humans eg. the fall in Genesis 3, stain of original sin. However Foot thinks we're negative and need virtues.


Where do Christianity and Aristotle conflict according to Rachels?

"Aristotle saw pride as a special virtue, Christians see it as a master vice"


How does eudaimonia clash between religion and VE?

Ultimate happiness for Christians will be in heaven, and the journey of getting there will not necessarily be enjoyable - Jesus says 'take up your cross and follow me' and discipleship


What is the difference between the cardinal and theological virtues?

Anyone can learn and practice cardinal, theological are a gift from God.


Where did Jesus use a virtue of 'compassion'?

When spending time with tax collectors/outcasts - Christians would try and emulate.