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What did the RCC say about the unitive element of sex?

'The actions in marriage by which the couple are united are noble and worthy ones' 'they promote mutual self-giving'


What do the RCC say is the most important element of conjugal love (married lovemaking)?

Theatre the true practice of conjugal love is that life giving is the primary function and aim 'be ready to corporate with the Saviour who will enlarge and enrich his own family'


How did CofE place a greater emphasis on the unitive aspect of sex in 20th century?

'Love finds expression in the lovers bodily union' 'it is celebration, healing, renewal, pledge and future'.


What does the Southern Baptist Convention say about the roles of male and female within marriage?

They are equal in worth before God (his image) and a marriage models the way God relates to his people: a husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church and a wife submits herself gracefully to her husband as the church willingly submits to Christ's headship.


What did Pope Francis say about homosexuality?

If a person is gay and comes to God who am I to judge?


What did the United Methodist Church say about homosexuality?

Homosexuals are no less than heterosexuals although the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.


What do the RCC say about homosexuality in the Catechism?

That it is not a sin, it's an inclination they haven't chosen and is a trial for the person and that prayer, friendship naive grace is needed.