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How does the Son of David show Jesus' authority?

He is God's promised Messiah - God said he would send an eternal King from the line of David. Matthew 1 traces back his genealogy.


What does 2 Samuel 7:16 about Jesus and the Son of David?

"Your house and your kingdom will endure forever"


How does the Son of Man give Jesus authority?

He is fully God and fully human. He referred to himself as Son of Man eg. predicting his death "the Son of Man will suffer many things"


How does being the Christ give him authority?

It is Greek for Messiah which is Hebrew for "anointed one" meaning he's God's chosen King.


When is Jesus recognised as the Messiah?

Peter is the first to recognise him, on the road to Caesarea Philippi.


How does Matthew 26 show Jesus is God?

The Jewish leaders at his trial asked "are you the Son of God?" To which he relied "I AM"


What does John 14:6 show about Jesus' authority?

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"


How does Matthew 28:18 show Jesus has ultimate authority?

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me"


How does Jesus get authority from evidence (the Bible)

There is more evidence for him existing than Caesar.


Which gospels are first hand accounts of Jesus?

Matthew and John?


What did Roman historian Tacitus say about Jesus' authority?

"Lots of people followed Jesus. Their nickname was Christians."


How does Jesus get authority from miracles?

Power over nature that only God can do eg. Calming the storm, walking on water - this gave people a sense of power.


How does Jesus have authority from having lots of followers?

In the story of the paralysed man the house he was teaching in was full, sometimes he had to take a boat onto the lake to teach.


What did Josephus a Jewish historian say about Jesus?

"Jesus was a wise man who did wonderful things. He was popular with many"


How does Jesus show he is God in the story of the he paralysed man in Mark 12?

He first healed his sins then to prove he had, told him to get up and walk. "Which is easier to say, your sins are forgiven or get up and walk?"


How did Jesus exercise his authority?

By teaching, healing (eg. Shrivelled hand, leprosy, paralysed man), miracles, redeeming mankind (only possible by being fully God and able to take sins)


How does Jesus get his authority from the Trinity and how is it shown in Matthew 3:17?

He is God the Son - "this is my Son whom I love, with him I am well pleased"