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How do the Big Bang Theory and theory of evolution challenge the Bible and God?

They challenge the Bible's account of creation in Genesis therefore challenging the reliability and truthfulness of the writer and challenging God's authority as creator.


How does the age of the universe according to the Big Bang clash with the Bible's age?

It estimates the age is 13.6 billion years according to red shift - the Bible suggests it is around 6000 years old according to genealogies.


How does empirical evidence challenge the Bible?

Science has empirical evidence such as red shift discovered by Edwin Hubble which gives it authority, whereas the Bible doesn't, it relies on its own authority to back itself up.


How does Darwin's theory of evolution challenge Genesis 1:27?

"God created mankind in his own image" is challenged by the idea that humans evolved from monkeys so are no different from any other animal and were not set apart by God.


How else does the theory of evolution challenge God and the Bible's authority?

It challenges the idea of God as creator as if you create something it would usually be in its final and intended form - this is not the case is species have evolved. It challenges the idea that God created the world for humans "I give you every seed bearing plant" etc. if species have had to adapt to be able to survive.


Who came up with the Big Bang Theory?

George Gamow


How can the Big Bang Theory and evolution fit with the Bible?

Theistic evolution


What does Collins say theistic evolution is?

"Evolution occurred as biologists describe it, but under the direction of God"


How might a Christian argue against evolution?

There is no evidence for macroevolution (from one species to another) only for microevolution (within species) which could have been caused by God.


What did Galileo say to suggest science can't diminish the Bible's authority?

"The Bible teaches how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go."