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How does postmodernism being anti-dualistic challenge the Bible?

Right/wrong is a concept created by Western philosophers and absolute truths are rejected therefore the Bible and it's deontological ethics and moral absolutes are rejected.


How does postmodernists believing that historical texts have no authority due to reflecting the writers bias, culture and era, challenge the Bible?

If challenges the idea that scripture is God inspired (2 Timothy 3:16) and the doctrine of inspiration and revelation that God reveals truths to authors and enables them to portray his message so it is inerrant.


How does Lyotard define postmodernism?

"An incredulity towards meta-narratives" (therefore rejects absolute and universal truths such as Christianity)


What does Windschuttle believe about historical texts?

That they can't show objective truth.


Where does the Bible say it is the "Book of Truth"?

Daniel 10:21