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Marriage is an ascetic practice in Christianity - what does this mean?

It involves self-discipline and self-denial


What are the purposes of Christian marriage?

Fides, proles and sacramentum - faithfulness, procreation and union of both parties with God.


Why is marriage a sacrament in Christianity?

Because God is involved and they are committing to putting him st the centre of their lives


Why does Aquinas think sex is for having children?

The Bible implied it (Genesis 1:28) and he thought natural law backed this up.


What does the Catechism of the Catholic Church say about marriage?

"God Himself is the author of marriage"


What do some people think about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19?

Some might interpret it as God destroying them because of homosexuality but others think it was because of general sinfulness.


How does Gareth Moore criticise the idea of homosexuality being sinful?

Homosexuality was associated with Godless people but this doesn't logically lead to homosexuality being Godless. St Paul asserted that homosexual lifestyle is a product of Godless people but his reasoning doesn't fit in modern day.


How do Liberal Christians support homosexuality?

All humans are made in God's image, including homosexuals, and the. Bible says 'God is love' so why would he be against behaviour that isn't cruel.


What does John Boswell say about the Church and homosexuality?

The church has unfairly used scripture to bully people when other biblical rules are ignored


What does Gareth Moore say about homosexuality and Leviticus?

That levitical laws are used to persecute minorities, no one is bothered on rules about 'bodily discharge'. We ignore the rules we find inconvenient and pursue those to attack minorities we don't like.


St Augustine's views on sex and relationships

- thought sex was a sin unless used for reproduction.
- thought sexual energy/urges are a massive distraction and there is no way to satisfy them.


Aquinas views on sex and relationships

- sex should be connected to reproduction but it's not a sin to enjoy it.
- natural law - it's sinful to use body parts for other than what they're designed. (Augustine agrees)


What do evangelicals and Catholics think about children?

That a massive part of marriage is bringing up children


What does Rockman say about Jewish relationships?

"A loving companionship between husband and wife is a virtue and a duty"


What is the contemporary Jewish approach to marriage?

- sex should be done sober.
- shouldn't have sex when you're considering separation.
- should abstain during and seven days after menstruation.
- marriage is a covenant.


What does Paul recommend about marriage?

That celibacy is an ideal state however if you can't go without sex you should marry and enjoy it in a loving caring relationship.


Why are Catholic priests celibate?

- Jesus was, and priests stand as Jesus for the Eucharist.
- sex is just a selfish indulgence in a consumerist society.
- marriage distracts from spiritualness.
- in the resurrection we won't need or want sex - it's a sign of what's to come.


What are marriage and sex part of?

God's divine plan, they are sacred unions.


What happens to the husbands and wives bodies in Christian marriage?

They belong to each other.


When were same sex unions recognised under the Civil Partnership Act?



Why do some Christians condemn homosexual sexual union?

It can't produce life so goes against natural law and go as far as it being punishable by death in Leviticus 20:13


How do people criticise the idea that Paul condemns homosexuality?

He uses words such as 'malakoi'which translates as male prostitute


How do people argue that the reproductive element of sex is not an imperative?

People have sex after menopause, during non-fertile part of menstraution, while woman is pregnant and when one of the partners is infertile. Removing the need for reproduction removes the idea homosexual sex is against natural law.


How does the Hebrew heterosexual culture affect the Biblical teachings on homosexuality?

They might be rooted in it's culture, like slavery, but the Church has overcome it's approval of that.


What is said in wedding vows to show it is ascetic?

"All that I am I give to you"


What is wrong with sexual impurity? (Corinthians)

It is a sin against your body, and your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit


What does Paul say about a husband and wives bodies?

They belong to each other