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What does the church of kopitism think of data?

Think copying and sharing knowledge is sacred and beautiful.


What does Snowden think about surveillance?

That it is elitism of information as some people are allowed to view things that others aren't.


What does Weinberg say about what the most important trait of a scientist is?

'of all the traits which qualify a scientist.. I would put a sense of responsibility at the top' 'he is not much as a scientist unless he is responsible'


An example of technology that is both good and bad?

Nuclear power is an alternative to non-renewable energy with no impact on global warming etc. but nuclear weapons could threaten human life.


How can scientists produce false or inaccurate data?

If they are under pressure from companies which bad reports would harm, under time pressure


Why is liberty as a human right important?

It means human life is precious and must be treated with dignity, respect, equal treatment and fairness.


What does Grossman say about surveillance and the need for privacy?

"A society which doesn't pay sufficient regard to personal privacy is one where dignity, intimacy and trust are undermined"


Why did one official argue that disobedient primary school children have to have their DNA on a database?

Because they're more likely to commit violent times in future so could be caught more easily.


What sorts of cyber crime are there?

Spyware, identity theft, as well as child pornography and hate websites against racial and religious groups.