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What is the libertarian view on rape, having sex with minors?

Rape infringes another free will and the harm principle can be employed. A child can't have complete free will over the situation as they are not old enough to give informed consent.


What is a strength of the libertarian view of sex?

It allows sexual liberation in a world where freedom is important. It gives freedom from religious ethics which might oppress women or prohibit homosexual sex, or other sexual acts. It's appropriate for the hedonistic society we live in today.


What is a weakness of the libertarian view of sex?

In some relations there might be a power imbalance (eg. boss and worker) therefore there arguably isn't true freedom.


How do feminists criticise traditional and religious ethics?

Women are seen as submissive, child bearers, housewives, and sometimes property of the husband. This limits the role of women.


How do feminists criticise liberal views about sex?

They assume a level playing field, that there is an imbalance between men and women in society so women's freedom to enter into a sexual relationship is limited. Also, many women aren't aware of the power imbalance.


What is a libertarian view on sex?

That it is morally permissible along as there is mutual consent - also known as contractarian. It doesn't need to be linked to marriage or reproduction.


What does feminist Mackinnon say about sexual relationships?

That sexuality must be reimagined and remade before sexual relationships are moral.


What does feminist Jill Johnston believe about sex?

For a separation of men and women, and sex between women as a political statement to show dominance over men.


What does Hampson think about religions such as Christianity and Judaism?

They are irredeemably sexist and no longer fit with the modern thought so must be discarded.


Should religion concern itself with sexual behaviour?

Yes: Christianity is deontological.
Benefits society from promiscuity, could help divorce rate.
Church marriages - promised to abide.
Should be religious in all aspects.
Christian ideal shown to have worked.
No: Outdated, feminism, homosexuality.
Many aren't religious, unfair.
It's personal/individual.


What did a study find about believers, regular church goers and married people?

They they're most satisfied with their love life


How might a religious concept of love be difficult to put into practice?

It might be unrealistic (ascetic), restrictions in Judaism, however God knows what is best as omniscient, Judaistic rituals help protect you, roles help marriage function, rising divorce rate