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Jack Dominions view on relationships

- sex as just a biological act is a narrow interpretation.
- sex is an act of thanksgiving, hope to be desired, reconciliation, and personal affirmation that they want and appreciate each other.
- sex is powerful and meaningful so justice can only be done to it in a relationship.


Timothy Radcliffe view on relationships

- Need to stop talking about what's permitted/forbidden and start asking 'am I being loving' 'what does this behaviour say to my partner'.
- in response to some behaviour being unnatural - if it feels natural to those involved and is consensual it's ok. An action isn't bad because it's forbidden but because it undermines human communion.


What does Porcile-Santisco say about Christian sexual ethics?

That men and women aren't different in value but function which drives them to union, they have the same divine origin (God's image)


What does Ruether think about how church teachings don't show equality about a women's status or worth?

St. Augustine denied women have the image of God within them and that men have headship (superiority) which leads to the RCC idea that only men can be priests.


What do Saunders and Stamford say about homosexuality?

That Jesus never commented on it.


What did Solomon say about homosexuality in Judaism?

"Biblical and rabbinic law unanimously condemn homosexual practices but that hasn't prevented the formation of Jewish 'gay clubs and Synagogues.


What does Solomon think about the idea in Jewish relationships that a husband must be the one to issue a divorce to his wife?

"Women have often suffered great hardship for little can be done to forces a husband if he is unwilling"


What does Jack Dominion think a sexual act is?

A model of total unity, as reflected by the idea of sex in Genesis which was restated by Jesus and Paul.


What does Jack Dominion think about people having sex before marrying which was previously seen as 'living in sin'?

That as long as the relationship is committed, loving and permanent it is morally acceptable by traditional Christian standards. Mainstream Churches reject this view.


How does Radcliffe think a Christian sexual ethic can be derived from Jesus gift of himself at the Last Supper?

Should think about what your behaviour says and how it affects human communion, as Jesus expressed his communion with God by giving his body through sacrifice on the cross. Our existence and body is a gift and we should express the gift of oneself to another, the accept the gift.


What does Radcliffe say about sex being about generosity and gratitude?

"It's the transmission of the gift of our being, and so a profound expression of what it means to be human"