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What does Stackman say about experimentation?

"Science cannot stop while ethics catches up"


What does Russell say about experimentation?

"Science by itself cannot give us an ethic". The function of science is to be rational and is separate from ethics. It's like saying maths or grammar needs ethics. (However should still be used)


What does Baruch say about experimentation?

Ethics needed to stop using discoveries for evil but for good.


What do deontological absolutists (such as Kant) think about ethics in science?

That humans are always ends and nothing that is or will be a human should be used for anything but its own sake, therefore ethics should control science.


What does Bowie think about the relationship between scientists and ethics?

That both science and ethics come from people - a scientist has the ability to think ethically, they aren't two completely opposing groups.


What does Bowie say needs to happen in order to 'undiscover' a doscovery?

That nuclear weapons for example, must be made available for all so a tiny elite aren't running and possibly destroying the entire world.


How can bypassing testing and animal experiments be useful?

It can lead to medical breakthroughs such as during war when a patient needs treated immediately and there is no time for gradual testing and it is a risk worth taking - such as pilots badly burned in WW2 known as the Guinea Pig Club