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Who wrote the book 'Beyond Freedom and Dignity'

psychologist B. F. Skinner


Who thought that the idea of attempting to control people by changing attitudes, inspiring self respect, or building a sense of moral responsibility had not taken account what science is telling us?

B. F. Skinner


Who thought we are fooled by an old-fashioned, unscientific view of humans that we're in control of our actions and can reason the right things to do?

B. F. Skinner


Who thought that the environment was full of factors exercising control over human beings?

B. F. Skinner


How might a scientist argue genetics has caused someone to do something?

Evidence was found in 2002 that a particular gene predisposed children to bad behaviour and they concluded that abused children who had the gene were more likely to go on to abuse others.


Evidence for genes causing characteristics?

The gay gene, which was first investigated in 1993