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Command must consider what factors when developing a basic rescue size up?

Number, location and condition of victims

Affect the fire has on the victims

Capability of the control forces to enter the building, remove/protect victims and control fire


Rescue efforts should be extended what order?

Most severely threatened

The largest number (group)

Remainder of the fire area

The exposed area


________ means companies have quickly gone through all affected areas and verified the removal and/or safety of all occupants.

Primary search


In a primary search ________ is the critical factor, while the secondary search _________ is critical factor.




The following item outlines the basic command approach to fire stages; in nothing showing situation, or in very minor fire cases that clearly pose no life hazard, command must structure _______ and report __________.

Rapid interior search

All clear


The following item outlines the basic command approach to fire stages: in smoke showing and working fire situations, fire control efforts must be extended simultaneously with rescue operations in order to __________ to complete the primary search.

Gain entry and control interior access


The following item outlines the basic command approach to fire stages: in cases of fully involved buildings or sections of buildings, immediate entry and primary search activities become impossible and survival of occupants is improbable. Command must initial report ________ and that he will not report an _______.

Fully involved conditions

All clear


All initial attack efforts must be directed toward supporting rescue efforts and hose lines must be placed in a manner to control _______, ________, and ________.

Interior access

Confined the fire

Protect avenues of escape


Secondary search means the companies thoroughly search the interior of the fire after ________ and _________ activities have been completed.

Fire control



Command cannot depend upon reports from spectators to determine status of victims. Control forces should utilize reports as to the _______, _______, and _______ of victims as supporting primary search efforts and must extend and complete primary search whenever enrty is possible.





The most urgent reason for calling additional alarms is for the purpose of covering ________.

Life safety


Secondary search means that companies thoroughly search the interior of the fire area after initial fire control and ventilation activities have been completed. Who should complete the secondary search?

Different companies than those involved in the primary search activities


What is the basic command rescue decision?

Do we remove victims from the fire or do we remove fire from the victims?

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