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How are the products from this location distributed to service stations and other users?

Tank trucks

Additional underground pipelines


The tank farm serves as the primary distribution point for petroleum products in the Phoenix area. Most of these products arrive at the tank farm by ______ and are delivered to the tanks operated by various companies and agencies.

Pipe line


A number of different companies and agencies store and distribute product from adjoining facilities. A pipeline manifold provides for the distribution of products among the individual facilities. The central manifold is located where?

On 53rd Ave. in the Kender Morgan pipeline's yard in the middle of the tank farm


The pipeline system delivers products to the tank farm at a high rate of flow. Flow may be up to _______. Who can shut down this flow?

6300 GPM

An on duty 24 hour operator


To shut down the pipeline, command should ________.

Direct dispatch to contact Kender Morgan pipelines and relay instructions


How long does it take to fully stop the incoming flow?

Several minutes


A complex system of piping interconnects all of the facilities in the tank farm complex, allowing products to be delivered or transferred. All of these lines connect to the manifold in the Kindle Morgan pipeline's yard. What can the piping manifold be used for?

Subsurface foam injection into storage tanks


Many loading racks have automatic AFFF deluge sprinkler systems. The systems should be shut down as soon as fire control and/or a good foam blanket have been achieved. Why?

After the foam supply is exhausted it will discharge plain water that will damage the foam blanket


In the sprinkler system a FD connection may be provided to allow a _____ inch AFFF hoseline to be connected to supplement the flow through the deluge system.

2 1/2"


What are the three different categories of large storage tanks in use at the Tank Farm complex?

Floating roof

Cone roof

Cone/floating roof


What is the greatest concern with the tank?

Possibly an overflow spill


It is always important to control the _______ before attempting to control the tank surface fire, since a ______,would continue to reignite vapors coming from the tank.

Spill fire


Floating roof tanks may experience "rim" fires involving a seal area around the floater. These fires are generally controllable with what?

Small hand lines

Dry chemical extinguisher


When applying foam to a floating roof, care must be taken to ______ the floater.

Avoid sinking or tilting

Never apply plain water into a floating roof – it will cause the roof to sink


What are the preferred methods to control a full surface fire?

Subsurface foam injection

Topside fixed foam chambers

Hydro-foam monitor nozzles


When an entire tank top surface area is involved, hand line streams will not be able to penetrate the thermal column to reach the burning liquid surface. _______ are the only alternative to subsurface injection or fixed systems.

Large volume AFFF master streams


In the event of a working incident inside the tank from complex, an operation center will be established at ________.

Shell Oil USA terminal office


The first arriving unit shall provide what information to the initial report?

Specific location – name of shipper involved

Type of incident – leak, spill, fire or no fire

Extent of leak, spill, fire

Operation of any automatic systems

Tank number and location


Initial actions should be directed toward what tactical priorities?

Actions should proceed cautiously

High level of safety

Avoid committing personnel to dangerous situations


Major incidents at the tank farm complex will generally involve either a leak or a spill of petroleum product. This situation may or may not involve a fire. What are the tactical priorities?

Cover spill with foam blanket

Control potential source of ignition

Have a hazmat unit monitor blanket

Contain the spill or run-off

Identify and control the source of the spill or leak

Maintained foam blanket until products can be picked up

Keep all personnel out of spill area


A large spill can create an extremely large vapor problem and may flashback from ignition sources at significant distances. While covering the spill to suppress vapors, the _______ and _______ of vapor travel must be determined.




When attempting to control a large flammable liquid fire, what should the strategy be?

To wait until enough foam concentrate to control the fire is on the scene before beginning the attack


The truck and trailer at Station 34 stores how much foam?

4200 gallons


Fires that are controllable with the foam supply on hand should be ________.

Attacked without delay


If the fire is too large to be controlled by the initial attack capability, command should consider a holding action to ______ and ______ until additional foam supplies can be assembled and prepared for use.

Protect exposures

Prevent spread


Subsurface injection: a system of connections is available to pump foam directly into the main piping manifold at the tank farm. The connections are located in the _______. This can only be accomplished with ________.

Kender Morgan pipeline property near the center of the complex

Foam 34


________ should be used as a guideline to protecting exposures.

Steam production

Need for protection is indicated if steam is present


Thanks generally require little protection on vertical surface below the ________.

Liquid line


Foam tanker 34 carries approximately ______,gallons of 3% AFFF-ATC concentrate.



Fixed systems: fixed piping is provided on certain tanks to provide delivery of AFFF, from ______ into the tank. These systems will deliver foam into the product via ______ application at the tank. A Siamese connection is provided to allow the foam lines to be connected.

Foam 34



A tank with both a fixed roof and internal floater best describes which roof?

Cone/floating roof


An open tank with a floating cover on top of the liquid (may also be covered by a geodesic dome) describes which roof?

Floating roof


He fixed tank best describes which roof?

Cone roof


What are the characteristics of Swissport pipeline?

10 inch diameter

1200 GPM

Located at 4200 E. Air lane


Floating roof tanks may experience what type of fires?

Rim fires involving the seal around the floater


In a cone/floating roof tank the fire may be contained where?

In the space between the floating roof and fixed roof


Who will be assigned by command to the operations center?

A command officer

At least one company


Fixed foam systems for subsurface or topside application shall not be used prior to doing what?

Consulting the RP


Tanks generally require little protection where?

On vertical surfaces below the liquid level

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