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Who will normally be responsible for cleanup operations using trained cleanup personnel and equipment of radiological materials?

Shippers and/or manufactures


The FD responsibilities during radiological emergencies include rescue, treatment, fire control/extinguishment, control of contamination spread and alerting responsible experts/agencies. Actual cleanup and overall operations will not normally be a FD responsibility, although the FD will be responsible for _______

Seeing that such operations are complete


What will be dispatched to any incident reported to involve radiological materials?

2-1 or 1st alarm with hazmat team


What will the size of the assignment be based on?

The location and type of situation reported


At the scene, if there is no life hazard, rescue situation or fire, there's no reason to risk exposure to FD personnel. First arriving units should secure the perimeter, _______the situation and _______.


Wait for the arrival of the hazmat


If the immediate commitment of personnel is necessary, _______ procedures shall be implemented to minimize exposure and contain the spread of contamination.

Limited access zone (LAZ)


Any commitment of personnel to the LAZ should include at least one _______ per team to monitor radiation hazard levels. Dosimeters shall be issued to all personnel operating at the scene.

Survey instrument


Hazard zone tape shall be stretched to define an area where readings of _____ are detectable.

2 MR/hr


What are the seven tactical considerations on radiological incidents with fire?

Normal tactical firefighting operations

Always approach from upwind

Do not ventilate

Minimize the use of water

Control runoff

Minimize the exposure of personnel

Useful PPE with SCBA


What are the five tactical considerations on radiological rescue/EMS incidents?

Remove patients quickly

Treat patients

Alert hospitals to prepare for contaminated patients

Useful PPE with SCBA

Decon vehicles used in transport


If a nuclear weapon involves fire, evacuate an area of _______ in all directions, immediately. All down wind areas must be checked for contaminants.

2000 feet


Much of the contamination on a patient's skin can be removed by wiping with a moist _______.

Cloth or tape

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