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What are two types of aircraft crashes?

High impact

Low impact


What are things to remember when cutting the fuselage of an aircraft?

Use the wing area to work from

A platform ladder may be necessary

The best place to cut is around the windows, doors, and the roof area

Hurst tools and pry bars do not work well


Protect the aircraft fuselage from direct flame impingement since fire can burn through the fuselage in ______.

60 seconds


What size attack line should be used inside the aircraft?

1 3/4" or 2"


Why don't hurst tools work well on cutting aircrafts?

Due to a lack of solid support to work against


What should be used to help ventilate an aircraft incident?

Fog hose streams

PPV fans


What should be considered to reach fire in confined spaces or any interior where interior attack lines cannot be placed into position for whatever reason?

Penetrating nozzles


What type of report must be announced ASAP?

Primary and secondary all clears


What two sectors should be initiated ASAP?

Both fire and medical sectors on both sides of the plane


Consider establishing a _______ level of command system to address fire and medical operations separately.

Branch level of command


Be aware that aircrafts have what on board that can explode, become missiles and accelerate fire spread?

Oxygen cylinders

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