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________ involves methods of minimizing loss in each of the tactical priorities through all phases of firefighting.

Loss control


With lost control in mind, inspection holes should be cut in ______ sections to check attics.

6" x 6"


An important element of loss control is to ________.

Extinguish the fire


What is the most significant thing we can do to reduce damage?

Put the fire out


What should roof ventilation holes and broken windows be covered with to reduce weather damage and deter vandalism?

Rolled plastic


There is "________" to the quality of service when firefighting includes lost control functions.

Added value


This defines the activities required to stop or reduce primary or secondary loss to the property and the negative psychological and emotional impact of the event on the customer.

Loss control


Primary and secondary loss can be minimized through _________ efforts

Active loss control


Through effective loss control we can intervene in all aspects of the incident and take specific measures to do what?

Minimize loss


Does loss control operate as a sector or a branch?

Both sector and branch


When loss control is operating as a branch what sectors will operate under it?

Salvage liaison officer

Overhaul liaison officer

Occupant service sector

Critique sector liaison


An aggressive interior attack may be the best step towards enhancing loss control efforts, yet knowing that water will do significant damage to drywall, furniture, and carpet. What should we keep in mind in regards to water application?

Adjust nozzle to water needed

Don't wet attic needlessly

Put water on the fire

Use Class A Foam to reduce the damage


When water had filled the attic space and is pooling on the gypsum you should use what to punch a hole to allow water to escape?

Drill or screwdriver


What should be used to avoid staining and grinding spot and glass into the carpet?

Hall runners


Positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke should be used during which stage of the fire?

Active fire stages


When checking for extension by pulling ceiling, you should never pull it from where if possible?

From corners as it may require that both walls be replaced


What should be done as part of packaging the building after the fire?

Vent every room

Cover furniture with plastic

Wipe off countertops and wooden furniture

Raise up furniture blocks

Excess debris outside of site/covered

Box label pictures etc. into boxes


"_______" the fire scene is also a function of loss control.



Performing lost control is a mark toward excellence in what?

Service delivery


Lost control measures may have to be suspended due to what after the fire?


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