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What should regulate apparatus placement?

Apparatus function


The placement of all apparatus on the fire ground should be a reflection of what five things?

SOPs for first arriving companies

Tactical objectives and priorities

Staging procedure

A direct order from command

A conscious decision on the part of the company officer based on existing or predictable conditions


The placement of the initial arriving engine, ladder, and rescue should be based upon ______ and ______ upon arrival.

Initial size up

General conditions


First arriving companies should place themselves to maximum advantage and go to work; later arriving units should be placed in a manner that _______ and allows for expansion of the operation.

Builds on the initial plan


The officer must regard apparatus on fire ground and what two categories?




Apparatus should generally be positioned at least _______ away from involved buildings, even with nothing showing.

30 feet


Initial arriving pumpers should be placed in _____ positions.



Key tactical positions should be identified and engines placed in those locations with a strong water supply. The water supply should be at least _______.

One pumps line from an engine on a hydrant

When high volume is indicated, 2 pumped supply lines should be provided


Lines should be laid with attention to the access problem present. How should you try to lay lines?

On the same side of the street as the hydrant and cross over near the fire


When the aerial apparatus is not needed for upper level access or rescue, spot apparatus in a position that would provide effective position for elevated stream operations if the fire goes to defensive mode. What must ladder officers consider?

Extent and location of fire

Most dangerous direction of fire spread



Overhead obstructions

Structural conditions


Where should rescue units be spotted?

In a safe position that will provide the most effective treatment and transportation for fire victims and firefighting personnel


Avoid what type of apparatus placement on the fire ground?

Belly to butt

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