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Natural gas is much _____ than air and will usually dissipate rapidly in the outside environment.



Inside buildings, however, it tends to pocket, particularly in attics and dead air spaces. The flammable limits of natural gas are approximately _______%.



Burning natural gas should not normally _______; fire should be controlled by ________.

Be extinguished

Stopping the flow


All personnel working in the vicinity of a known or suspected gas leak shall wear ________.

Full protective clothing with SCBA's


Natural gas emergencies, request the dispatch of a _______ and _______.

Hazardous incident response team (HIRT)

Utility company


Until it can be determined that the area is safe from the danger of explosions, _______ and keep the number of FD personnel in the area to a minimum.

Evacuate all civilians


Who is responsible for locating and eliminating natural gas leak sources?

Gas company


If the gas company personnel must evacuate to shut off a leak, provides stand-by protection with what equipment?

1 1/2" line

Two firefighters with full PPE and SCBA


True or false: In most cases, you can rely on gas odor.

False, use combustible gas indicators


If gas concentration is encountered inside, adjacent to, or underneath any building, secure all possible sources of ignition in the affected area by cutting the electricity where?

Outside the affected area to avoid arcing


What type of zone should be established and maintained around any suspected gas leak and Fireline tape should be used to identify it?

Limited access zone

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