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Ventilation holes of at least _______ of the roof surface of the involved area is a rule of thumb to consider.



What two types of roofs are firefighters prohibited from working on?

A bow strung roof with evidence that a fire has penetrated the attic or involved the trust area

A residential structure fire covered without shingles


Ladder companies should be strategically placed to allow safe access to the roof, emergency exit from the roof, and it tactical positions that _________.

Would permit effective defensive operations if needed


Roof sector crews must enter the roof from an established safe area and must have a secondary means to escape the roof, or to a ________.

Safe refuge on an unexposed and structurally sound roof structure


No firefighter shall operate on a bowstring roof if ________.

There's any evidence that the fire has penetrated the attic and involves the roof


If there is any evidence of the fire in the attic space of a suspected lightweight constructed roof, no personnel will be _______.

Permitted on the roof


If it's an interior contents fire in a bowstring roof, crews can enter the structure. However, the attic of the structure must be checked from below and ________ that no fire is in the attic before interior positions are established or supported.

Confirmation given to command


What should the initial roof sector officer report to command? (6)

Roof design and construction

Structural conditions

Fire conditions or effects of fire on the roof

Location of firewalls

Location of heavy objects that are affected by the fire conditions

Ventilation plan


What should roof sector advise command if when ventilation holes are completed?

Ventilation is completed

Any change it may have on the roof conditions


Ladder companies should be strategically placed to allow for what three things?

Safe access to roof

Emergency exit from roof

Tactical positions to permit effective defensive operations if needed


Roof sector responsibilities will be assigned to whom?

Company officers or chief officers who must be on the roof to supervise crews


______ and _______ will be constantly working to weaken the roof.


Fire conditions


What are the objectives of roof sector?

Determining a safe working surface

Complete adequate size ventilation holes and achieve effective ventilation

Coordinate roof ventilation with interior crews

Coordinate with fire control operations as directed by command

Maintain rooftop monitoring of roof structure and fire conditions

Communicate with Interior sector

Provide progress reports to command


In some cases what must be done to achieve the required 10% objective when venting?

More than one hole maybe required

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