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The incident commander is responsible for the completion of the__________.

Tactical objectives


Command procedures are designed to do what 6 things?

a. Fix the responsibility of command on a certain individual
b. Ensure a strong, direct, and visible command is established
c. Establish an effective organizational
d. Provide a system to process information
e. Provide a system for orderly transfer of command
f. Ensure a seamless transition from a Type 5/4 incident to a Type 3/2/1


The incident commander is responsible for the completion of the tactical objectives. The tactical objectives are?

A. Rescue
B. Fire Control
C. Property Conservation


The incident command system is used to facilitate the completion of the_______.

Tactical objectives


___________ Define standard activities that are performed by the incident commander to achieve the tactical objectives

Functions of command


What are the functions of command?

A. Assume and announce command

B. Rapidly evaluate the situation (size-up)

C. Initiate, maintain, and control the communications

D. Provide and manage resources

E. Identify and develop an IAP

F. Organize using sectors\divisions\groups

G. Review, and revise

H. Continuity, transfer, and termination of command


The first ______ functions must be addressed immediately and from the initial assumption of command



The _______ to arrive at the scene of a multi unit response shall assume command of the incident

First fire department member or unit


The initial IC shall remain command until command is _______, _______, or _________.

Incident stabilized


_________ Company responses that are not going to escalate beyond the commitment of these companies do not require the first arriving unit or officer to assume command

One or two


What shall the radio report include?

Clear alarm
Unit designation\on the scene
Building\ area description
Obvious problems\conditions
Actions taken
Declaration of strategy
Command confirmation with name


The follow-up report includes what?

Any immediate safety concerns
Accountability started
Disposition of resources
IRIC – in place and identified


In the _______ mode, the officer should go with the company to investigate while utilizing a portable radio to command the incident.

Investigative (nothing showing)


In the ______ mode, IC #1 arrives and his\her direct participation in the attack will make a positive difference in the outcome (search and rescue, fire control, and crew safety)

Fast attack


The ________ mode, the IC must initiate and continue command until a command officer arrives and the transfer of command is complete.

Fast attack


The fast attack command mode should last how long?

No more than a few minutes


The fast attack mode should not last more than a few minutes and will end up with what three outcomes?

A. Situation is stabilized
B. Command is transferred from the fast attack company officer IC to a later arriving command officer
C. If the situation is not stabilize, the fast attack company officer IC must move to an exterior (stationary) command position and is now in the command mode


Certain incidents, by the virtue of size, complexity, or potential for rapid expansion, demand early, strong, stationary command from the onset requires what command mode?

Command mode-stationary command post


If the company officer assumes a command mode, what are the options with regards to the assignment of the remaining crew members?

A. "Move up" and acting officer within the company.
B. Assign the crew members to perform staff functions to assist the IC.
C. Assign company personnel to another company.


Transfer of command is designed to do what?

Improve the quality of the command organization


The first arriving shift commander (preferably from the appropriate city that the incident is located if available) will assume the role as ________.

Senior advisor


The second arriving shift commander will do what?

Set up the command van and manages the movement of the command to the CV


The _______, _______, and ________ become the command team (incident advisory team).

Senior advisor
Support officer


When should the first arriving IC transfer command to the next arriving company on scene?

When the initial commitment of the first arriving company requires a full crew


If the situation occurs where a later arriving company or command officer cannot locate or communicate with command what actions should be taken?

They should assume and announced their assumption of command and initiate actions to confirm the safety of the missing crew


What is the preferred method of transferring command?



Within the chain of command, the actual transfer of command will be regulated by the following procedures:

A. The officer assuming command will communicate with the person being relieved by radio or face-to-face. Face-to-face is the preferred method to transfer command

B. The person being relieved will brief the officer assuming command of general situation status – conditions, plan, tactical objectives, safety considerations; deployment and assignments of operating companies and personnel

C. Appraisals of need for additional resources


The person being relieved will brief the officer assuming command with what information?

A. General situation status: incident conditions, incident management plan, completion of tactical objectives, safety considerations

B. Deployment and assignments of operating companies and personnel

C. Appraisals need for additional resources


What information can be given about the general situation status?

Incident conditions
Incident management plan
Completion of tactical objectives
Safety considerations


When the incident become so large that an incident management team is requested, command will not transfer to the IMT unless a formal written _______ has been signed by the jurisdiction having authority and the IMT.

Delegation of authority


The response and arrival of additional ranking officers on the incident scene strengthens the overall command function. As the incident escalates, the incident commander should use these command officers to fill what roles?

Sector (division)
Section positions


Command should consider adding a command officer to any sector with _______ or more operating companies.

3 or more


Anyone can affect a change in the incident management in extreme situations relating to safety by notify command and initiating _________.

Corrective action


Incident command system never sleeps. It ICS is in a constant state of readiness. The _______ and _______ share the responsibility of initiating the ICS.

Alarming battalion chief and supervisor


The roles and responsibilities of the command team identical to the roles and responsibilities of the __________.

Incident advisory team


What are the roles and responsibilities of the support officer?

A. Defined, evaluate, and recommend changes to the plan

B. Provide direction relating to tactical priorities, specific critical fireground factors

C. Become the incident safety officer

D. Evaluate the need for additional resources

E. Assign logistic responsibilities

F. Assist with the tactical worksheet for control and accountability

G. Evaluate the fire ground organization and span of control

H. Other duties as necessary


The senior advisor is normally the __________.

Highest ranking member of the command team.


The senior advisers focus is looking at what one thing?

The entire incident and its impact from a broader perspective and providing direction, guidance, advice to the IC and/or support officer


What are the roles and responsibilities of the senior advisor?

A. Review and evaluate the incident action plan, and initiate any needed changes

B. Provide ongoing review of the overall incident

C. Review the organizational structure, initiate change or expansion to meet incident needs

D. Initiate section and branch functions as required

E. Provide a liaison with other city agencies and officials

F. Forecast and react to the effect this incident will have

G. Prepare to transition to a long-term operation

H. Provide for transitional briefing to the incoming IMT if one has been assigned to the incident


In order for the IC to manage the incident, he must first be able to ________, ________, and _______ The position and function for all of operating companies.



The basic configuration of command includes what three-levels?

Strategic level – overall direction of the incident

Tactical level – objectives assigned to sectors

Task level – task objectives assigned to companies


The _______ involves the activities necessary for overall operational control, considering critical fire ground factors and risk management plan to determine the strategy and develop an IAP, establishing objectives, managing the strategy, setting priorities, allocating resources, and thinking ahead

Strategic level


What are the strategic level responsibilities?

A. Determining appropriate strategy

B. Establishing a strategic plan

C. Setting priorities

D. Obtaining and allocating resources

E. Predicting outcomes and planning

F. Assign specific objectives to tactical level units


The accumulated achievement of task level should accomplish ________.

Tactical objectives


The _______ is the level of organization where the work is performed by assigned companies and other resources.

Task level


Whenever there are ______ or more companies operating in sector, the IC should assign a Battalion chief And FIT to that sector.



The span of control is usually ____ sectors and should never exceed _____ sectors.



_______ are assigned by their geographic location.



_______ are assigned by their function.



Utilizing sectors provides what advantages?

A. Reduces the ICs span of control

B. Creates more effective incident scene communication

C. Provides for standard and logical system to divide larger geographical incidents into effectively sized units

D. Provides an array of major support functions

E. Improves firefighter safety


Command should begin to assign sectors based on what five factors?

A. When the number of assigned and operating companies threatens to overload the ICs ability to command

B. When the IC forecasts that the situation will become a major operation

C. When companies are involved in complex situations

D. When companies are operating from tactical positions which command has little or no direct
control over

E. When the situation presents special hazards

F. Name the sector according to its function or geographical location


When establishing a sector, the incident commander will assign each sector officer with what three things?

Tactical objectives

A radio designation

The identity of resources assigned to the sector


What is the primary function of company officers working within the sector?

To direct the operations of their individual crews in performing assigned task


In multi-story occupancies, sectors will be indicated by the ________.

Floor numbers


For buildings with odd geographic positioning, the front of the building always becomes "sector a". Other alphabetical designations are provided in a ______ flow around the building.



Sector officer must be in a position to do what?

Directly supervise and monitor operations


When a company is assigned from staging to an operating sector what must they be told?

What Sector and which sector officer they will be reporting to


The branch level of the organization is designed to provide _______ between the sectors of command.



Branch officers should be utilized at incidents where the span of control with sectors is maximized, incidents involving two or more distinctly different major management components. What level of the operate in?

Coordination Level


The _______ has the responsibility to decide whether or not to expand the organization to include branches.

Senior advisor


Branch officers should be utilized at incidence where?

Span of control with sectors is maximized

Incidents involving two or more distinctly major management components


The IC May elect to assign branch officers as _______ positions to coordinate activities between sectors.



The intent of the branch level of the command structure is to do what?

Split incidents into manageable components

Reduce the span of control


Sector officers will use the radio designation of ______ when contacting their branch officer



What are the four sections?



The _______ section is the support mechanism of the organization.



What are the roles and responsibilities of the logistics section?

Provide rehab

Manage staging

Provide and manage any needed supplies or equipment

Forecasting and obtain any future resource needs

Provide for any needed communication equipment

Fuel and repair equipment

Specialized equipment

Food & associated supplies

Portable facilities

Collect information for after action review

Supervise assigned personnel


The ______ is responsible for gathering, assimilating, analyzing, and processing information needed for effective decision-making.

Planning section


The planning section serves as incident commanders,"_______" for information.

Clearing house


What are the roles and responsibilities of the planning section?

Evaluate current strategy

Refine and recommend any new changes to the plan

Evaluate incident organization

Forecast possible I outcomes

Evaluate future resource requirements

Utilize technical assistance

Evaluate tactical priorities

Gather, update, improve, and manage information

Liaison with any needed outside agencies

Facilitate an after action review


The ______ is responsible for the tactical priorities, accountability, safety and welfare of the personnel working in the operations section.

Operations section


What are the roles and responsibilities of the operation section?

Coordinate activities with the IC

Implement the incident management plan

Assigned units to sectors based on tactical objectives

Build an effective organizational structure

Provide branches and sectors tactical objectives

Manage operation section activities

Provide for life safety

Determine needs and request additional resources

Consult with and inform other sections

Personal accountability

Collect and provide information for an after action review


If the operations officer is located at the command post, he/she should use the reason designation, "________".



If the Operations Officer is located out of the command post at a "forward" position, what is his radio designation?



Once implemented, Operations becomes what type of command post?

Forward command post


The _______ evaluates and manages the risk and financial requirements for the fire department's involvement in the incident.

Administration section


What are the roles and responsibilities of the administration section?

Procurement of service/supplies within/outside the FD

Document all financial costs

Document for possible cost recovery

Analyze legal risk

Serve as liaison with outside agencies

Serve as the EOC rep

Manage investigations (arson)

Collect/provide info for after action review

Monitors and coordinates emergency service delivery to the rest of the community

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