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What must be completed on each transport utilizing the district van?

District van transport form


The district van is staffed by whom?

Cadets or trained volunteers


The district van may be dispatched following the request of whom?

A fire department member who is on scene


District vans respond how?

Always Code 2


To be eligible for transport by the district van, what criteria must be met?

People with no apparent injuries, requiring no medical treatment by the fire department

Family members of patients desiring transport to hospitals to be with injured or ill family members


The district van will not transport whom?

LARC customers

Drunk or disorderly customers

Psychotic disorders

Any person who may become hostile en route


The district van may be used to provide what services for fire department personnel?

Pick up Medics

Retrieve equipment

Assist resource management

Assist fire department vehicles with battery jumper service

Transport paperwork and/or equipment


What public-service will the district van provide?

Provide a cellular phone to contact family, tow trucks, etc.

Battery jumper service for private vehicles


The district van volunteers will be supervised by whom?

Captain at the station and which district van is housed

Company officer on the incident scene

EMT coordinator of the community assistance program


Who will monitor the program?

Program manager

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