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What is a civil disturbance defined as?

A situation involving a random act, or several random acts of violence directed at firefighters or other persons, or property


Any company experiencing an act of violence against them shall immediately report the incident to ________.

Dispatch center


The dispatch center will immediately notify whom?

Battalion chief

Car 958


During a Tier Two response, a perimeter shall be identified a minimum _____ in each direction from which the act occurred.

1/2 mile


Fire stations located adjacent to the perimeter area will remain in their stations but shall go into a "Lockdown" mode for security reasons. What is a lockdown mode?

Members remain indoors at all times

Doors closed and locked


When an actual act of violence towards firefighters has occurred at a specific location of the city, and there are no indications that the situation involves any other related acts, is what type of situation?

Tier Two


For at least the remainder of that work shift, companies shall not respond into that area without a ______, and shall stage according to the requirements of the response to violent incidents procedure when they do enter the area. Future Code 3 response shall not occur into or through the area, companies shall ______ of the area when returning from other calls.

PD escort

Stay clear


A Tier-Three response occurs when _______.

A series of actual acts of violence have occurred in a specific area of the city


During a Tier-Three, a perimeter encompassing _______ shall be established around that area.

One or more square miles


When operating in a tier-three situation, emphasis must be placed on _______ as rapidly as possible, if safe to do so, and then pulling out.

Stabilizing the situation


What are some safety considerations that should be taken in a Tier-Three situation?

No single company response

PD escort provided

Respond to and from in full protective clothing during tier 2 and 3

Sirens and horns should be avoided

Place apparatus in a manner that will allow for scape

Remove exterior tools and equipment

MCT's or cell phones should be used

Control your behavior, back off in most potentially violent situations


In tactical considerations, when lives are at stake, emphasis will be in protecting _______.

Savable property


Emphasis will be fast attack, heavy streams to rapidly control and extinguish the fire and then to get out of the area. Routine salvage, ventilation and overhaul practices may be discontinued. Use of ________ should be limited.

Hand lines


Can emergency lights be used in a Tier-Three response?



Upon completion of the call, the companies shall return to the command post, ________, and return to level 2 staging.

Be accounted for


During Tier-Three situations, the request for additional assistance by a company/unit shall be directed to ______.



The Phoenix fire department uses what approach to respond to incidents involving civil disturbances?

Three-Tiered approach


Initiation of a Tier 2 or Tier 3 response requires notification of whom?

Fire Chief

Emergency services assistant chief

Shift commanders

District commander

Police liaison officer

Department PIO

Homeland Defense liaison/C958


What considerations are taken with a Tier 2 response?

Perimeter of 1/2 mile in each direction

Remainder of shift respond with police escort and stage according to violent incidents procedures

No code 3 responses through area

Stations in the perimeter shall have resources reassigned to station outside perimeter to a level 2 staging area

Stations located adjacent will be in lockdown


During a Tier 3 response what is the only section that will be established?

Logistics section


All resources responding into the perimeter will be grouped how?

No single company responds without PD escorts


What protective clothing is required during Tier 2 and Tier 3 responses?

Full protective clothing


When operating in Tier 2 and a Tier 3 situations what should be done with equipment on outside of rig?

Removed and placed inside the truck

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