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It will be a standard practice to implement a "safety sector/branch" at what incidents?

A. first alarm on multiple incidents

B. special ops rescue

C. trench rescue

D. confined space rescue

D. first alarm hazardous material incidents

F. Any incident of special hazard presenting an unusual risk to firefighters, customers, or the general public


The safety sector reports directly to command and has full authority to ___________

Or alter any unsafe conditions or actions


Intervention by safety sector involves what three approaches?

non-life threatening situations
Ongoing incident planning process


The incident command system will be implemented at all working incidents involving ___________

Three or more companies


Who does safety sector report to?



Any life-threatening conditions will be corrected________and________

Immediately and directly


At what time will the department safety officer automatically assume the incident safety officer (ISO) safety sector?

Upon his/her arrival at the incident following the appropriate command procedures and a briefing


It will be the responsibility of command to declare strategy and ___________.

Write an action plan that includes incident safety


In obviously threatening situations that do not allow for commands intervention, the safety sector/section shall immediately stop any action, or countermand any order, under the circumstances by _________ and _______ intervention.

Direct and immediate


The second approach is for non-life-threatening situations that involves a more ______ correction of safety problems with individual firefighters, company officers, and/or safety officers and often does not affect incident strategy

One on one


Upon implementation of the safety sector/section, command must provide the safety sector/section and overview of the incident action plan and specific details of the safety plan, this best describes which safety sector/section intervention approach

On-going incident planning process

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