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Positive pressure fans should be placed at the point of entry from the _________.

Unburned side of the fire


Fans should be positioned ________ back from the point of entry.

12-15 feet


The objective is to create a pressure "________" effect around the door.



When additional fans are required, placing two or more fans in "_________"– one behind the other is more effective than side-by-side.



Positive pressure ventilation is only effective when applied properly. What two major items are needed for effective PPV?

And exit for the pressurized air must be provided and must be located in the fire area

Positive pressure ventilation must be injected from the unburnt side of the fire


Whose responsibility is it to ensure that these two requirements are completed prior to injection PPV into the structure?

Ladder company officer


What is the objective in using a PPV for exposure control?

To introduce PPV ahead of a moving fire and force it back into the fire area


For exposure control where should fans be placed First? Second? Third?

First fan at the entry point of the most severe exposure

Second fan at the most critical exposure

Third fan at the fire occupancy


The use of what type of nozzle is recommended to penetrate through ceiling and apply a fog pattern?



When using multiple fans on a high-rise/multi-story building where should the fans be placed?

Two or more at the base of the building

On landings at various levels of the stairwells

At entry to the fire floor


In some cases PPV can be used for exposure control, this is most effective with what applications?

Common attics

Apartment complexes

Where walls might have been breached

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