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cells of innate vs adaptive immunity

innate = dendritic cells, macrophages, NK cells

adaptive = T and B cells


immune surveillance and cancer

weak immune --> higher risk of cancer (HIV, organ transplants)


prognosis and immune cell counts

high CD8 cell count is good

high Th (1/2/17) cells is bad


CTL response

induction phase (lymph nodes)- APC presents tumor on MHC with costimulator to CD8 + CD4 cells secrete cytokines to stimulate CD8

effector phase - CD8 differentiated and recognize tumor cells


tumor intrinsic escape mechanisms

loss of tumor antigens, loss of MHC I, more Bcl-2, etc...


tumor-induced immune subversion

tumor secretes cytokines that regulate immune system (IL-10, TGF-B), release ROS, etc...


cancer immunotherapy

active - vaccination with Ag from killed tumor cells - can use dendritic cells with antigen, viral vectors, DNA vaccines, etc

passive - give antibodies, adoptive t cell therapy


monoclonal antibody against tumor - what can be attached to the antibody?

can give just ab (--> phagocytosi, complement activation, ADCC)

can couple to toxin that will kill tumor cell

can conjugate to radioisotope that releases radiation to kill tumor


anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA-4 antibodies for cancer treatment

block signal on CTLA-4 (B-7) and PD-1 --> increased immune response

PD-1 and B7/CTLA-4 normally suppress T cell response


CAR engineered T cells

target CD19?

chimeric antigen receptor