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Pathophysiology 4 steps

lens pushed against iris, causing pupillary block

build up of aq in post chamber - bulging of iris - closure of irido corneal angle

blocks trab meshwork

overhydration of cornea - clouding - vesicles form on anterior cornea - v painful


Risk factors

F:M 4:1
shallow ant chamber
shorter axial length eg hypermetropia


Secondary causes

inflamm - uveitis
neovascular - DM retinal vein occlusion
pigment dispersion syndrome (pig floats in aq and blocks trab meshwork)
traumatic hyphaema


Presentation - Sx

pain (periocular/headache)
blurred vision, halos


Presentation - Signs

brick red eye
cloudy cornea
fixed mid-dilated pupil
IOP >21
closed iridocorneal angle


Management includes 3 things

topical , systemic and laser treatment (drops, systemic, medium term)


What different eye drops are given and why? given STAT

BB and A agonist - to lower IOP
Once IOP <50 give MIOTIC - pilocarpine - to allow iris perfusion
Steroid for inflam


What systemic treatments might be given

IV carb anhydrase inhibitors
IV hyperosmotic agent (mannitol) - reabsoprtion of fluid through increasing bl osmolality
Analgesia, anti-emetics


What laser (medium term) treatments may be given

laser iridotomy - two small holes in iris - drainage - do non-attacked eye first then other eye within a week of attack

trabeculectomy - in resistant cases - hole in trab meshwork

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