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What can cause gastritis, peptic ulcer and stomach cancer in later life?
General Sx seen in all 3?

H Pylori being left untreated in kids
indigestion, bloating, hiccups, loss of appetite


How to differentiate between Gastritis and PUD

gastritis - N+V, abdo pain
PUD - gnawing/burning feeling in abdo below ribs/above navel, relief by food/milk/antacids - ALSO - Melena or haematemesis


Other causes of gastritis?

pernicious anaemia, infections, bile reflux


H Pylori - most common cause of? found on what test? and what is found in stool? Tx if suspected? Tx if confirmed?

urease breath test (13C)
Stool antigens +ve
PPIs if suspected
Amox + met/clarithromycin if confirmed


Lifestyle changes for Gastritis and PUD mgmt

smaller/frequent meals
avoid spicy/acidic foods
moderate alcohol
avoid NSAIDs
reduce smoking
manage stress


What is mesenteric adenitis? how to diagnose?

non-specific abdominal pain -resolves in 24-48h

diagnosis if large mesenteric nodes seen on laparotomy/laparoscopy and appendix normal


What often comes with mesenteric adenitis? What if pain doesn't resolve?

often with RespTI and cervical LNopathy

perform appendicectomy

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