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Do you like animals?

Well I think I have to say that I am fascinated by animals.

To be more specific I love corgi dog because they are very cute and loyal.

The reason why I love animals is just because they're so much "simpler" than we are. Like for example, you show a dog love and you'll get love back.


What types of animals do people keep as pets in your country? 

Well, in my country cats and dogs are among the animals that gain the most popularity. 

However, young people nowadays raise a wide range of animals as pets such as snake or salamander ['sæləmændə] 


How do most people feel about animals in your country? 

Well I have to say that there are a lot fo people dont like animals in my country specially old people.

In fact they consider them as food.

However, young people in my country have a better ideas. They love to raise animals and consider them as their friends rather than foods.


What are animals used for in your country? 

I think I have to say that It really depends.

Like for example, animals such as cow, pig or chicken are considered as food.

However, animals like dog and cat are used for pets.

I think the reason is because they are cute and very loyal.