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Do you like flowers?

Personally I don’t really bother with flowers where I live.

I just don’t think they are important enough to go and buy them, then arrange them, and water them everyday.

I like flowers, but I can’t be bothered having them around the house. If I want to add a splash of color I’d prefer to buy a painting or something similar for my home


On what occasions do people give flowers in your culture?

Well I think it really depends on the event and the person.

Like for example, people usually give flowers to their relatives if they know the revievers love flowers.

And in addition to this, there are some events that people often choose flowers to represent their sentiment like valentine.


Do any flowers have a special meaning in your culture?

Well I believe each flower has its own meaning in our culture. The problem is we can remember all of them since there are so many species.

But there are some popular flowers' meanings that easy to remember. Like for example, White Rose symbolizes the purity or Daffodil ['dæfədil] means new beginnings.