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Are there many birds where you live?

Well! I live in a tropical country that why we have a wide range of animals as well as birds.

As I remember the avifauna of Vietnam include more than 800 species.

In which there are many species are globally threatened


How do people in Vietnam feel about birds?

I think I have to say that It really depends.

Like for example, There are a lot of old people consider birds are pets. They raise birds in such small cages to listen the tweets.

But most of young people believe birds are just a wild animal that need to protect, so they dont like the ideal of cosidering birds are pets


Do birds have any special meaning in your culture? 

Well Not all of them but there are some birds having  special symbols in our country. 

Like for example, the swift symbolizes for the spring season or similar to many other countries the dove in our culture represents the peace. 



Should we protect birds? 

Of course I believe we have to offer protection for birds. Because they are sensitive indicators of biological richness and the health of our environment. 

In addition to this birds play a vital role in our natural ecosystem. They also have direct and indirect economic and cultural values for people.