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Do you like playing sports?

+Well I have to say that I'm not really keen on sports. However, I have a little bit interest in foodball.

+I play it sometime but I prefer to watch football match on TV. Acctually I'm a fan Manchester United club.

+And I love to watch their match in a cafe restaurant.



How often do you play sports?

+Well I think my answer would be determined by different conditions.

+For example, If I'm not busy then it's mots certain that I will play it about 1 per week.

+However, I'm busy then I prefer to stay at home and finish my work


What sports are the most popular in your country? 

+Well There is quite a wide range of sports in my country. But I guess the most popular one is football.

+I think vietnamses people are very passinated about this  sport. You can see them play sport everywhere from a park to a football field or even in the strest.

+Vietnamese people also love to watch football to. They like to watch the games in a restaurant, pub or coffe shops.


Do you think it is important to play a sport?

+Well In many ways It's fair important. Especially when you consider the fact that playing sports can help you stay healthy.

However, playing sports has its drawbacks. Injury while playing sport is normal, sone sports are even very dangerous such as climbing, boxing.

So my answer would have to be yes and no


What sports would you like to try in the future? 

+Well There are many kind of sports I love to try in the near future. However, I guess l want to take up swimming the most

+This is because I believe swimming can help me lose weight and get rid of many health problems.

+in addition to this I also get into badminton so I might try it too


Do you prefer watching or playing sports? 

+Well I think my answer would be determined by different condition.

+For example If Im not busy or sick then I prefer to play sports.

+Whereas in the contrast It's almost certain that I will stay at home and watch sports on TV