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Have you ever collected anythings?

I have been collecting books since I was in high school.

And I'm very pround of my archivement especially when I show my Dragon Ball set to my friends

In addition to this, I also collect coins sometime.


What things do people collect in your country?

There are a wide range of things people like to collect, ranging from stamps to cars ,based on
their interests.

But I think people often go to gather small things such as stamps, coins and books. Because they are quite easy to collect and you dont have to waste a lot of space to store them.


Why do people like collecting things?

I believe that there are many different reasons why people decide to collect objects.

Firstly, it is passion, that may lead them to collect things, and they choose to do it as a hobby.

Secondly, there are people who decide to collect certain things in order to impress other persons. For example, a collection of expensive watches or cars may impresses that the owner is very wealthy. 


Would you like to start collecting something new in the future? 

Well, I think I'm going to become cell phones collector in the near future.

Because technology is developing rapidly nowaday

So I can show all these phones to my children or even grandchildren and they can make an idea of how things have changed over time.