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Have you ever been to a wedding?

Well I've been to a wedding many times but I haven't had my own wedding. 

But the one that made me remember the most is closest friend's webdding. 

It was the most expensive, wonderful celebration of my life. 

It was held in a five stars hotels and my friend event hired a famous band to the party.


What do people usually do at weddings in your country?

Well I think it depends on the religion that the wedding couple follow.

Like for example If they are buddhist, then people often give a present to the couple, which is normaly a certain a mount of money but it can be something else.

After that they can go to a party for drinking a eating delicious foods.


What clothes do people usually wear at weddings in your country?

Well there aren't any certain kinds of clother that people wear at wedding ceremony.

However, we all chose to wear as much formal as we can. 

Like for example, young people can chose wear a suite meanwhile old people prefer the Ao Dai, which is a vietnamese traditional dress.  


Which people are usually invited to weddings?

Well It depends on the wedding couple.

But normally they invite their friends and relatives. The number of guests is depends on the financial situation of the couple. 

In addition to this, the couple's parents can invite their own guests to celebrate their son/daughter wedding