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Telll me about a school that you went to when you were younger 

Well I changed many chools went I was young. But the one that I remember the most is my high school in Ha Giang City.

I love my childhood at that school because I met my best friend there, we used to learn play and laugh together.

My memory about teachers in that school is unclear now but I still remember physics teacher. He was the one who gave me passination in physic. This is also the main reason why I chose to study physics when I went to university


What did you like about that school?

My school times are the most memorable times in my life and I enjoyed my every minute there.

I was happy to had very good friends and teachers that I still keep in touch with some of them.

In addition to this the sporting activity in my high school was very interesting. I even belonged to our school's badminton team, so we frequently were busy at gym and attended some competitons. 


What subject did you like at that school?

Well There are many subjects that I like in high school But I guess love physics the most.

For some reason physics comes easy to me. It could be because I have a good logical mind. 

In addition to this I was quite keen on chemistry. This is because my chemistry teacher used to do some interesting experiments.


What would you like to change about that school? 

Well that isn't something I've considered about but I guess I would like to build a new building for my high school if I had chance.

This is due to the fact that our building was very old and small.

So I belive getting a big building could improve environment as well as studying performance of students.