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What languages do you speak?

I speak Vietnamese which is my native language that originated [ə'ridʒineit] in the north of Vietnam.

Actually, there are quite a lot of languages in my country but Vietnamese is the most popular one and is the national and official language of my country.


Do you think it’s important to learn a foreign language? 

In a growing global economy, it is very important. knowing a foreign language can help you open many doors and increase your earning potential.

For example, Europe is a solid nation. People from there speak at least three languages. And they have a lot of opportunities


Would you like to learn another language in the future? 

+Well this is something I've considered about. But i guess I might enroll a chinese course in the near future.

+Because I love chinese cuisine and I want to travel to their country to try these foods

+So, studying Chinese will help me uncover amazing dishes.