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Do you like rains?

Well I'm living in a tropical cuontry which has a considerable amount of rain.

It tends to rain for most of the year so I'm quite used to rain, but actually I don't like it at all especially hard rain.

Because it can stop me from doing things. On a rainy day.



What do you usually do when it rains?

Well I think I have to say that it quite depends,

like for example, If it is a working day and the wether is not too bad, then it's most certain that I still go to work.

Wherease in the contrast, I might stay in my bed and sleep. 


How do people feel about rain where you live?

Well I think It really depends on the people as well as their jobs.

Like for example, Farmer usually love rainy weather because they have free irrigation /ɪrɪ'ɡeɪʃən/ running in their fields. 

But people such as police officers really hate rainy day since they have to work on a bad condition.


What do you think is worse, too much rain or not enough rain?

Well in my point of view, not enough rainfall is way far worse than too much.

Because a certain excessive rainfall can damag a crop in the vast. There will be a loss. But as long as the rain does not turne the land into swamps, most crops will off to a spectacular start. 

However, without rain we cannot grow anything.