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How often do you eat out in restaurants?

Well to be quite honest I think I have to say that It really depends.

For example If I have money then it's possible that I will eat in restaurants 1-2 times per week.

However, If I'm broken, it's most likely that I'll eat at home since the price in restaurants is quite expensive in my country


What types of restaurants do you like best?

Well I have a number of favorite restaurants but If I have to choose then I guess I love buffet restaurants the most since I can eat as much as possible.

In addition to this I'm also quite passinate with KFC restaurants. Because these restaurants are very convenient. 


What types of restaurant are common in your city? 

Well there are a mix variety of restaurants in my city but I guess the most popular one is Pho restaurants. 

And as you might know Pho is the most well-known vietnamese noddel. So you can find a lot of these restaurants in my country.

Another kind of restaurants is worth to mention here is Bun Cha restaurants.


What are the advantages of eating out in restaurants? 

Well There are many advantages of eating out in a restaurants such as nice environment, wide choices or good taste. 

But the big benefits of eating out is that it’s easy. You just have to sit there and make yourself comfortable, run through the menu to order a delicious meal. And you should always feel satisfied with the whole dining out experience.