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How often do you check your email?


+Acctually I check my emails very frequently. When I'm at work I use a mail app for my laptop, with 2 email accounts synced to it.

+They are include my work email and my private email. And I check it whenever it alerts a new email just because it could be work related.


What do most people in your country use email for? 

+Well people in my country use email in many ways but I guess they use them mostly for work.

+Because email is the most convenient way to keep contact with your colleagues or report your work to boss.

+And It's also the fastest way as well.




What are the advantages of email?

+Acctually There are quite a lot of benefits from using email.

+The first is speedy, While snail mail is extremely time-comsuming you only need to wait few seconds to recieve an email from your friends.

+The second is convenient, With email you can send a message at the push of a button  


Are there any disadvantages?

+Yes of course I have to say that there are many disadvatages also.

+Like for example, Sometimes your emails can get lost in cyberspace or recieving many spam emails. 

Moreover, somepeple can hack into your accout and since your email acount can contain your pravite information like bank accounts. So it's very dangerous if your email got hacked. 


Do you think that email will replace letter-writing? 

+Although the number of people using email nowadays is over shadow letter writing, I still believe email cannot replace letter writing.  

+Because letter writing is an art, sometimes boring, sometimes exciting, but full of detail. It not only contain the information you want to send, but also contain emotion. For several centuries it was the main way people stayed in touch with each other.