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Did you have a happy childhood?

I had a lovely childhood, I was an only child but I always had company. The house was always full of people or we were staying with friends. I had lots of other children to play with and I also spent a lot of time with other adults and my parents.

I was close to my mother, she was the most brilliant women I have ever known, intuitive, clever, rational. She always spoke her mind and I trusted her completely. My father was very keen for me to have a good education and to be independent, he was very much into equality for women, and he believed in me.


What party of your childhood do you remember most?

Well To be honest I had so many parties during my childhood. But I guess the one that make me remember the most is 14th birthday celebration.

That time my father bought me an amazing present which is a new computer. I still remember it is quite expensive that days.

Me and my friends had spent a lot of time playing video games on this computer. I still keep this computer now even though It can not run anymore.


What makes a happy childhood?

Well They are a combination of many different things. But I guess the most important factor is the attention of parents.
I believe parents should spent more time talking with their kids and shouldn't put so much pressure on them.

Especially, nowadays when it comes to kids, people just don't think about happiness enough. They think about success. They think in comparisons.


What would you like to change about your childhood?

As long as i dont have to relive it, i wouldn't change a thing, the good and the bad were all part of my development, make one change in my childhood, and the butterfly effect could make me a completely different person