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Do you often meet new people?

Well I bump into new people very frequently. This is because I'm working as a teaching assistant in my university. And most of the people I met are my students.

They are usually a nice guy and very intelligent. I'm actually very pround of my students.


In your country where can you meet new people?

Well This isn't something I've considered about. But I guess the best place to meet new people might be a nightclub.

This is because most of people come there to relax and get fun. So they might when you want to talk with the.


How easy is it to meet new people in your city?

Actually! I think It's not so easy to meet new people in our city. Due to the traditional Vietnamese people don't feel comfortable to talk with strangers.

But Vietnamese people are very studious, so you can easy make friend with them if you try to teach them something like English for example


Is it possible to meet people from other countries where you lives? 

There are many people who come from other countries in Hanoi. So I think It is quite easy to make friend with these people.

In some way I think It is easier to make friend them than vietnamese people, since foreign people are more open.