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If a member is approached by a representative from the press, who shall they be referred to?

The member shall refer the inquiry to his or her IMMEDIATE supervisor.


What non-confidential information may be released by members of this department due to a press inquiry?

a) The type of incident or event,
b) Number of patients or victims, if known; AND
c) the hospital(s) to which the patient(s) or victim(s) are being transported.
*Members shall NOT discuss the condition of patient(s) or victim(s), the care provided or other confidential info.*


Where are Dept. members who are permitted to speak with the press, allowed to conduct these interviews?

Answer questions OUTSIDE of established fire lines.


Who is authorizes all requests for any individual NOT authorized to be present in a FD vehicle?

All requests must be forwarded to and APPROVED by the Chief of Operations (CoO).


An event may be deemed to be newsworthy if it reflects on the overall mission of the FD. The following examples are:

a) ANY out of the ordinary event, which reflects POSITIVELY on a member of the department,
b) ANY response involving the preservation of life involving application of medical, rescue or other F/F skills,
c) Human interests story.