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what is the affinity for labetalol for adrenergic receptors?

higher affinity for B compared to a1


what effect does labetalol have on the heart?

lowers BP with limited HR increase (good for high sympathetic states like pheochromocytoma)


what is the clinical use for labetalol?

hypertension, pheochromocytoma


what are the first generation, non selective B adrenergic antagonists?

1. propanolol
2. nadolol
3. timolol
4. pindolol


what are the second generation, selective B adrenergic antagonists?

1. atenolol
2. metoprolol
3. esmolol
4. betaxolol
5. acebutolol



what are the third generation mixed a-B adrenergic antagonists?

1. labetolol
2. carvedilol


which B adrenergic antagonists have intrinsic sympathomimetic activity?

1. pindolol
2. acebutolol


what is the clinical use for drugs that have intrinsic sympathomimetic activity?

effect to decrease HR is less - helps in cases where you are concerned about potential severe bradycardia


what are the cardiovascular effects of beta blockers?

1. negative inotropy
2. negative chronotropy
3. decrease myocardial oxygen consumption
4. decrease renin release


what are the respiratory effects of beta blockers?

1. B2 blockade - increase airway resistance (undesirable in asthmatic patients)
2. no beta blocker is 100% free of B2 blocking effect


what is the effect of beta blockers in the eye?

decrease aqueous humor production leading to decreased intraocular pressure


what are the effects of beta blockers on metabolism?

1. inhibits lipolysis
2. may decrease glucagon release
3. increase VLDL
4. decrease HDL


what are the therapeutic uses for beta blockers?

1. hypertension
2. ischemic heart disease
3. cardiac arrythmias
4. heart failure
5. glaucoma
6. hyperthyroidism (symptomatic - to decrease HR)
7. neurologic diseases


what are the important considerations when choosing beta blockers?

1. cardioselectivity (AMEBA group good here)
2. intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (if you do not want the HR to drop too much)
3. lipid solubility


what are the adverse effects of beta blockers?

1. fatigue
2 worsening peripheral vascular disease
3. worsening bronchospasm
4. decreased sexual function
5. increased incidence of diabetes
6. mask hypoglycemia

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