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Name 3 factors that can increase the risk of post-operative ileus in rabbits

anorexia, pain and stress


What routine AB tx do some vets advocate peri-operatively in rabbits? 2

Enrofloxacin or OTC


List 4 different protocols suitable for rabbit induction of anaesthesia

1.) Medetomidine (alpha-2 agonist) and ketamine – SC
2.) Medetomidine and ketamine – IM
3.) Hypnorm and midazolam – IM
4.) Propofol – IV to effect


Why are rabbits more difficult to intubate than dogs and cats? 4

1. Tongue, cheek teeth and epiglottis are large
2. Laryngeal opening is small
3. Sharp angle between mouth and larynx
4. They may be prone to laryngospasm and laryngeal oedema.


What should you do before intubating a rabbit?

inspect the mouth for any food material before intubating (otoscope or laryngoscope. ALWAYS give oxygen before attempting to pass the tube.


Method - 'blind' technique of rabbit intubation

Sternal recumbency, hold and extend head, pass uncuffed tube into larynx, listen for air flow, apply a spray of lidocaine 1%. If you over-extend the neck you will miss larynx and instead --> oesophagus/stomach


How do you check that you have intubated an animal down the trachea rather than the oesophagus? 3

- look for condensation on the inside of the tube
- detect air movement
- use a capnograph


Method - using an otoscope or laryngoscope to intubate a rabbit

Select a suitable ETT size, take urinary catheter that just fits the bore of the ETT and cut off the luer fitting. Extend neck, lift animal so chest is just off table OR place in dorsal recumbency with neck extended. Visualise larynx with laryngoscope or otoscope (depress tongue and raise soft palate so vocal cords can be seen). Pull tongue away. Introduce catheter into lumen, remove speculum, leaving the catheter in the tachea, Thread the ETT over the catheter into the larynx. Rotate tube by gently rolling from side to side to get into trachea. Remove catheter and attach to anaesthetic cirucit.


Define LMA

Laryngeal mask airway - this is an alternative to passing an ETT for intubation. Another alternative is the V-gel device which is designed specifically for rabbits.


Is isoflurane or sevoflurane licensed for rabbits?

Isoflurane only


What is the best way to maintain anaesthesia in rabbit?

isoflurane or sevoflurane vaporized in oxygen and delivered via a T-piece.


Why do you need to apply lubricant to rabbits' eyes?

rabbits have very prominent eyes so its important to keep the corneas protected to reduce the risk of developing corneal ulcers.


At what depth of anaesthesia is the tail pinch lost?

light to medium planes


At what depth of anaesthesia are the toe and ear pinch lost?

medium to deep planes of anaesthesia


When is the pedal reflex lost?

very deep anaesthesia - most surgical procedures can be carried out when this is absent or just about detectable.


Why is tramadol not the best postop analgesic in rabbits?

not much data on safety in rabbits although it does seem to be effective.


Name a good drug combination to provide post-op analgesia in rabbits.

Meloxicam and buprenorphine.


What anatomical features of GPs makes them difficult to intubate? 4

Large cheeks: large tongue; narrow oral cavity; soft palate continuous with base of tongue (palatal ostium).

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