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Why is data or port refusals difficult to obtain?

- deregulation of ports (no longer government entities)
- information is commercially sensitive
* despite low recorded incidences of port refusal, there is a severe impact on trade relations and supply chain costs


What losses to port refusals result in?

tangible and intangible losses through the supply chain


Outline live sheep exports from australia

- exports 2million sheep via live export market each year to more than 100 destinations
- middle east is by far the biggest market for sheep (Indonesia biggest market for live cattle)
- industry earns the nation A$1billion pa


What is scabby mouth virus?

- disease of sheep
- World Organisation for Animal Health recognises this as a common and minor disease in all sheep across the world
- no risk to human health from eating animals with scabby mouth
- sheep have been rejected from ports d/t this


Implications of port refusals

- trade halted
- increased spends: Development of the Exported Supply Chain Assurance SYstem (ESCAS) to demonstrate: control through the supply chain, traceability through the supply chain and reporting and accountability + improvement to overseas animal welfare
- CONSIDER: risk premiums on sales to high risk markets


T/F: looses are intangible and tangiblle so why not impose a risk premium as a cost of marketing?


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