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Name 2 motivational theories

- Hugo Munsterberg: i/o psychology (industrial and organisational)
- Hawthorne experiments by Mayo to look at human behaviour in workplace, looked at working conditions and expectations


List Maslow's hierachy of needs

- physiological
- safety
- love/ belonging
- esteem
- self-actualisation


What is Theory x (Douglas McGregor)

- people don' t like work and will avoid it
- managers have to control, direct, coerce, threaten
- people prefer to be directed, avoid responsibility, but have security
- they lack ambintion


What is theory Y (Douglas McGregor)

= human relations approach
- people don't naturally dislike work, is part of life
- people are internally motivated to reach goals if committed
- people committed to the degree that they are rewarded when they are successful
- people seek and accept responsibility under favourable conditions
- people can be innovative in solving problems
- people are bright, but their potential is usually under-utilised


What is the expectancy theory?

Motivation = expectancy * instrumentality * valence


What is the equity theory?

the quality of being fair/impartial


What is the Jungian theory?

Your personal mind have personal (life experiences and collective (inherited memories, patterns and values) parts. These with the influence of behavior lead to you being an introvert or extrovert.


What are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (polar types)?

- Extravert/ introvert
- sensing/ intuitive
- thinking/ feeling
- judging / perceptive


What is the importance of team engagement?

- higher levels of engagement provide a competitive advantage
- employees deliver more for the practice and the customer
- engagement leads to higher customer advocacy, higher productivity, higher profitability
- engaged employees take 2.69 sick days/ year, the disengaged take 6.19


What does the Myer-Briggs personality test result in?

a 4 letter code which determines whether you are protectors, creators, intellectuals or visionaries


What is personality?

- a person's preferred style of behaviour
- we are 'creatures of habit' so tend to be consistent over time/ situations
- if behavior or personality was not reliable, there wouldn't be any point measuring it
- one measurement system is the Myer-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI)


What is the MBTI?

= Myer-Briggs Type Indicator
- measures our dominant preferences for taking in information and makign deisions
- may not be polarised clearly b/w scales
- you can be 'a little of both'
- no profile is better/wrse
- helps explain our working style preferences
- based on theory of Carl Jung


What is the MBTI not?

- measure of abilities
- right/wrong answers
- it IS an indicator (you can agree or disagree)


What can motivational theories be used for?

to understand personality types in the workplace

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