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Other than the sensory nerves, what muscles does the Cevcial Plexus give motor supply to?

Infrahyoid (strap) muscles


What are the infrahyoid muscles responsible for?

speech, swallowing, movement of the mandible


the structure that gives rise to the motor fibers that supply the infrahyoid muscles.

Ansa Cervicalis


The nerve levels that form the superior root of the ansa cervicalis.

C1 (sometimes C1 and C2). This portion also descends from the hypoglossal nerve.


The nerve levels that form the inferior root of the ansa cervicalis.

C2 and C3.


When the to roots fo the ansa cervicalis unit, they supply what?

Three of the four infrahyoid muslces:
1) sternohyoid
2) sternothyroid
3) omohyoid


The nerve that supplies the thyrohyoid muscle

Exclusively from C1 fibers through the hypoglossal nerve


The mixed nerve that is considered to be part of the cervical plexus.

Phrenic Nerve


Teh origins of the Phrenic nerve

C3, C4, C5


Teh nerve supply of the phrenic nerve

Motor: Diaphragm
Sensory: Some membranes of the thorax and abdomen


the muscle that runs with the the phrenic nerve as it runs vertically down said muscle and into the thorax

The Anterior Scalene Muscle